USA Trains - CNJ NW2 Switcher
Last year in March, I added the Reading SD45 to my motive power because  “I needed some color on my railroad”  Over the last year I’ve looked for bargains that pertain to my “Backyard” Railroad’s “ era or theme or motive power that isn’t Brunswick Green or Tuscan Red..

Since I’m not a “Flowers in my BYRR to make the ladies happy” kinda guy, I’ve chosen trains to add the color. Adding the CNJ “Blue Comet”, James/Thomas the Engine, Aristo’s streamline cars (shine), the Reading SD45 and the CSX -9’s have changed my running color BUT, there is always room for more color.

I’ve completed 4 different train related projects this 04/05 winter season. (PRR F3a & b re-paint to CNJ "Jim Thorpe" colors...the Blue Comet upgrades and now the graphic adjustment on the NW2)

I got such a great deal from Charlie Ro on this one that I just couldn’t resist.. So good, I bought two. (a friend has the other one)  What I like about it is, that it IS bright, it adds more color to my railroad and it’s CNJ!
1:1 CNJ NW2 Switcher
When I took it out of the box it just didn't look right to me...Then I realized the CNJ stripe is leaning the wrong way!! I do realize that all of our engines and rolling stock are NOT 100% accurate. It would mean disaster for a manufacturer say if, the font used on a Union Pacific or Santa Fe were incorrect. They make SURE these are correct. Somehow USA Trains 1:1 reference slide of this switcher got flipped and the “Herald stripe“ faces the wrong way. It should lean to the front. Charlie didn't realize it was wrong until I showed him these photos.
(Of course I'm only guessing this is what happened)
I’m sure the CNJ NW2 wasn’t a “best seller” and I’m pretty sure it will never get produced again.  
(He did tell me to watch for a NW2 in green with yellow graphics coming soon.)
Because this was the first time that I ever tried something like this there aren't any "this is how I did it" photos but in short, I made a cardboard cut out of the large white stripe on the factory model. I cut out the center of my cut out so when I flipped it and placed it on top of the "error" I could still see the Liberty graphic for centering then I used masking tape to mark the correct "lean" of the stripe (white background). The first photo shows the area involved in the "Cover Up". In the second photo shows the hood sitting on the body on my elevated line. I find that taking photos then viewing them on the computer shows errors or flaws that you don't see with the naked eye.
With some creative taping and repainting I was able to flip the strip and leave the original “Statue of Liberty” intact. All the railing colors and stacks now match the 1:1 NW2. While my version is STILL not like the prototype, who’s herald strip ends at the bottom of the railing, the main herald graphic has been corrected.
CNJ Line UP L-R,  Blue Comet, Jim Thorpe F3a, CNJ RS3, CNJ NW2
Click for larger photo
I did place a strip of red painted plastic on the "above the rail" section to block off the upper stripe..
(Left photo) For some reason, it didn't look as good.... even if it DID look like the 1:1
Photo by JL Hunt -
Photo by USA Trains